Blowing Bubbles is an essential step towards making sure your children are safe and prepared for summer activities! You can help teach your kids to blow bubbles with these three tips:

  1. Humming

  2. Toys

  3. Counting

Exemplify blowing bubbles to young or scared toddlers by humming above and under water. This is fun and gives them the confidence to try it for themselves!

Some children are afraid to put their face in the water. Get a waterproof toy and slowly draw them into the water by placing in on subsequent steps until they have to get their face a little wet to reach it! It may seem sneaky but it gets them out of their comfort zone and gives them more confidence!

Lots of children love a good competition! Challenge them to blow bubbles for 1 whole second, then 3, then 5! The ability to blow out bubbles slowly and controlled will help them learn proper breathing techniques!

Safety is a key component of Haley Whatley Swim School instruction, and blowing bubbles is essential. We’d love to help your little one begin learning safe water techniques at Haley Whatley Swim School!

Sign them up for private or semi-private lessons today!

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