2024 Location Approval

At Whatley Swim, we have years of maintaining good relationships with Austin-area HOAs, and we have done this by asking for permission and following the rules. We ask that you help us to continue to do this! Our 2024 Location Approval policy is as follows:

The client holds all responsibility to comply with the rules and regulations for their neighborhood authority or HOA. The client is responsible to provide any necessary documentation. Whatley Swim is happy to offer any certifications, licensure, etc. to your neighborhood authority or HOA. All such requests should be directed to [email protected]. In the event that the client is expelled from the facility used for lessons or facility privileges are revoked, NO refund will be issued. If the client is able to provide an alternative facility, Whatley Swim will honor remaining lessons, as the schedule allows.

Not sure what to ask your HOA and/or community property manager? Try these questions:

-Are residents able to take private swim lessons in the community pool?

-If so, can an instructor who does not live in the community come to teach the lessons?

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