Learn to Swim Fast

Our learn to swim intensive will have you swimming independently in 6 weeks or less!

Expert Instructors

Our qualified instructors have experience with all levels and backgrounds. They will help you overcome fears, develop technique, and build endurance. 

Flat Rate Pricing

We charge you one price, and you swim with us until you achieve your dream outcome. You are guaranteed to reach your goal!

Whatley Swim’s Signature Immersion Program for Adults

Embark on a transformative aquatic journey with our signature immersion program, designed for individuals aged 12 and above, including adults. Our commitment is simple: every participant will become a proficient swimmer, and we guarantee it.

Program Highlights:

  1. Inclusive Eligibility:
    • Open to students aged 12 years and older, with no upper age limit.
    • Embracing diversity: Welcoming individuals with language barriers, extreme fear, neurodivergence, and physical differences.
  2. Comprehensive Learning Approach:
    • Students attend classes four times a week (Monday to Thursday) until they master essential swimming skills.
    • Each session focuses on skill development, water safety, and building confidence in the aquatic environment.
  3. Skill Mastery Criteria:
    • The goal is to achieve proficiency, defined as the ability to:
      • Learn to Float Plus
        • Float for 10 seconds face up
        • Float for 10 seconds face down
        • Perform a feet first surface dive
      • Learn to Swim Plus
        • Swim five body lengths unassisted.
        • Tread water for 30 seconds.
        • Successfully complete a Safety Swim.
      • Lap Swimming Plus
        • Swim 25 yards any stroke
        • Swim 5 body lengths in 3 strokes
        • Perform an open turn
  4. Safety Swim Requirement:
  5. Attendance and Makeup Days:
    • Attendance is crucial, with students expected to attend classes four times a week.
    • One makeup day per week is available on weekends for those who miss a regular class.
    • First two makeups are free, after that, additional makeups incur a $25 fee.
  6. Graduation Criteria:
    • Students will continue attending classes until they can demonstrate the Learn to Float, Learn to Swim, or Lap Swimming criteria on two separate days.
    • Upon achieving this milestone, they officially graduate from the program.
  7. No Disqualifications:
    • Every student is valued, and no one is disqualified from participating in these Immersion Programs.
  8. Unwavering Support:
    • Our dedicated instructors provide personalized attention, fostering a supportive environment for every learner.

Join us in creating a safe and inclusive space where individuals of all backgrounds and abilities can acquire the life-changing skill of swimming. Dive into confidence with Whatley Swim’s Signature Immersion Program!


Can I choose my instructor?

Instructors are based on location availability. 

What if I miss a lesson?

– We do not provide refunds for missed lessons.

– If you need to reschedule, you must cancel 24 hours prior to your scheduled class time to avoid the $20 rescheduling fee.

Can I take lessons at my HOA or neighborhood pool?

Yes, you may take lessons at the pool in the neighborhood where you live if the HOA allows visitors and swim lessons.

**For more information about neighborhood eligibility or to nominate your neighborhood, please email [email protected]. We try to add new neighborhoods each year!

When are classes?

We teach May-September between the hours of 9 AM-8 PM (hours may vary by location). 

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due at the time of registration. 

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