Drowning is a tragic and preventable loss of life that affects communities worldwide. Thankfully, several anti-drowning organizations are dedicated to raising awareness, promoting water safety, and providing resources to prevent such incidents. Let’s explore a few of these organizations and learn how you can support their crucial work.

1. Colin’s Hope: Founded in Austin, Texas, Colin’s Hope is named after Colin Holst, who drowned at age four. This organization strives to prevent childhood drowning through water safety education, promoting the importance of adult supervision, and advocating for water safety policies. Whatley Swim supports Colin’s Hope by volunteering, and you can also support through volunteering, attending their events, or making a donation to fund their programs.

2. Hope Floats Foundation: Based in Texas, the Hope Floats Foundation focuses on providing swimming lessons to underprivileged children who may not otherwise have access to water safety education. Their goal is to equip children with essential swimming skills, reducing the risk of drowning. You can support their mission by volunteering, donating, or spreading awareness about their programs. Whatley Swim is a Hope Floats partner!

3. USA Swimming Foundation: As the philanthropic arm of USA Swimming, the USA Swimming Foundation is committed to saving lives and building champions in the water. Their Make a Splash initiative provides free or low-cost swim lessons to children nationwide, particularly targeting underserved communities. You can contribute by donating, fundraising, or participating in their events.

4. The ZAC Foundation: Established by Karen and Brian Cohn in honor of their son Zachary, who drowned in a pool drain, The ZAC Foundation promotes water safety education through its programs. They offer interactive presentations, swimming lessons, and partnerships with schools and community organizations. Consider supporting their cause by making a donation, attending their events, or volunteering.

5. Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance: The Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance is a collaborative effort among organizations, agencies, and individuals working to prevent drowning in Texas. They focus on raising awareness, providing education, and advocating for legislation to improve water safety. You can support their efforts by participating in their events, volunteering, or making a donation.

To make a tangible impact and support these anti-drowning organizations, consider donating to their causes. Every contribution helps in educating communities, providing swimming lessons, and implementing life-saving programs. Together, we can work towards a world where drowning incidents are rare, and individuals of all ages have the knowledge and skills to enjoy the water safely. Donate today to help save lives and protect future generations.

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