Whether your family is headed to the pool or beach this summer, it’s important to remember that keeping swimsuits clean and in good condition is a must. Not only can proper care of swimwear help protect your children’s skin from bacteria (both in and out of the water), but proper care also helps keep swimwear looking great and ready for your next adventure! Let’s take a look at how you can protect your family’s swimwear all season long.

Shower Before You Enter The Pool – A simple shower before diving in can go a long way to prevent bacteria build up on both you and your swimsuit. It’s also important to rinse off immediately after getting out of the pool, as this helps remove any chlorine or salt buildup from the water.

Rinse Your Swimsuit As Soon As Possible – After swimming, rinse off your suit as soon as possible using cold water. This helps remove any chlorine or salt buildup that might damage fabric over time. Instead of wringing them out with your hands, use a towel to roll the swimsuit in and gently pat to remover excess water.

Hand Wash Your Swimsuit – Never machine wash or dry your swimsuit; air drying is always best. Lay them flat on a towel, patting them with another towel to soak up excess water before laying them out to dry. To further help keep fabric intact, sit on a towel so you don’t snag your suit when sitting down! And if you have access to one, avoid hot tubs all together – hot tub temperature settings are often too high for swim fabric, which can cause damage over time!

If needed, hand wash with mild detergent/soap bar instead of regular laundry detergent; regular detergents may contain enzymes which can break down fibers in swim fabric faster than desired! Be sure to completely rinse out all soap suds before hanging up for air dry; residual soap left behind will leave unsightly marks and could irritate skin later on.

Taking proper care of family swimwear doesn’t have to be difficult – just follow these simple steps next time you’re at the pool or beach this summer! From showering before entering the pool, rinsing off after leaving it, and handwashing with mild detergent/soap bar when needed – these easy tips will ensure that everyone’s favorite suits stay looking great all season long! So dive right in – we know you’ll have an amazing adventure no matter where the day takes you!

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