Embark on a transformative aquatic journey with our learn to swim immersion programs, designed for individuals aged 3 and above, including adults. Our commitment is simple: every participant will become a proficient swimmer, and we guarantee it.

Program Highlights:

  1. Inclusive Eligibility:
    • Open to students aged aged 3 and above, including adults, with no upper age limit.
    • Embracing diversity: Welcoming individuals with language barriers, extreme fear, neurodivergence, and physical differences.
  2. Comprehensive Learning Approach:
    • Students attend classes four times a week (Monday to Thursday) until they master essential swimming skills.
    • Each session focuses on skill development, water safety, and building confidence in the aquatic environment.
  3. Skill Mastery Criteria:
    • The goal is to achieve proficiency, defined as the ability to:
      • Learn to Float Plus (Basic Safety)
        • Float for 10 seconds face up
        • Float for 10 seconds face down
        • Perform a feet first surface dive or jump in and fully submerge
      • Learn to Swim Plus
        • Swim five body lengths unassisted.
        • Tread water for 30 seconds.
        • Successfully complete a Safety Swim.
      • Lap Swimming Plus (Make the Local Swim Team)
        • Swim 25 yards any stroke
        • Swim 5 body lengths in 3 strokes
        • Perform an open turn
  4. Safety Swim Requirement:
  5. Attendance and Makeup Days:
    • Attendance is crucial, with students expected to attend classes four times a week.
    • One makeup day per week is available on weekends for those who miss a regular class.
    • First two makeups are free, after that, additional makeups incur a $25 fee.
  6. Graduation Criteria:
    • Students will continue attending classes until they can demonstrate the Learn to Float, Learn to Swim, or Lap Swimming criteria on two separate days.
    • Upon achieving this milestone, they officially graduate from the program.
  7. No Disqualifications:
    • Every student is valued, and no one is disqualified from participating in these Intensive Programs.
  8. Unwavering Support:
    • Our dedicated instructors provide personalized attention, fostering a supportive environment for every learner.

Join us in creating a safe and inclusive space where individuals of all backgrounds and abilities can acquire the life-changing skill of swimming. Dive into confidence with our Learn to Swim Immersion Programs!

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