Taking your family swimming is a great way to make lasting memories and keep your kids active during the summer months. But all that chlorine can wreak havoc on their skin! That’s why it’s important to learn how to enjoy the pool without having it affect your child’s skin. Here are some easy tips for parents to keep in mind when it comes to summer skincare.

Apply Lotion Before Going Swimming. The right kind of lotion can help protect your child’s skin from the drying effects of chlorine. Try using a moisturizing essential oil like olive oil, coconut oil, or baby oil before they get in the pool. This will create a protective barrier between their skin and the water while keeping them hydrated.

Take a Shower Before Entering the Pool. Taking a shower before going into the pool helps remove oils and dirt that can clog pores, as well as preventing your child’s skin from absorbing too much chlorinated water. It also gives you an opportunity to apply lotion directly after showering so that their skin is well-protected from drying out in the pool.

Vitamin C Is Your Friend! Vitamin C is known as an antioxidant that helps to protect our skin against UV damage, so look for products with Vitamin C in them for extra protection. You can also find sunscreen with Vitamin C included for added protection against sunburns from long days outside at the pool.

Keep Your Body Hydrated! This should go without saying, but always make sure your child stays hydrated while they swim by providing plenty of water breaks throughout their time in the pool. Dehydration can dry out their skin even more, causing itchy patches and uncomfortable irritation later on if not prevented early on!

Use Sunscreen Before Going Swimming & Towel Gently Afterward! Sunscreen is another essential part of summer skincare — don’t forget to apply generously before heading off to swim! And once you’re done swimming, gently pat their body dry with a towel instead of rubbing vigorously; this prevents extra irritation and keeps moisture locked into their skin longer. Lastly, don’t forget lip balm — chapped lips are no fun either!

These tips should help keep your child’s skin healthy and happy all summer long! Don’t forget about exfoliation either — use gentle scrubs two or three times per week after getting out of the pool for smooth and soft skin year-round. And if possible, try sticking to outdoor pools over indoor ones — this helps prevent exposure to harsh chemicals used for cleaning indoor pools which can be damaging over time (not to mention smelly!). With these simple steps, you should be able enjoy swimming without any long-term effects on your child’s delicate summer skincare routine!

Be sure to catch up on our tips for preventing sun damage to hair and skin. Stay safe while you’re having fun at the pool!

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