There are so many brands, styles, and types of goggles and finding one to fit your growing child is sometimes difficult. As a swim instructor, I’ve seen just about every kind of goggles kids wear. Here are a few tips to narrow down your goggle search this year!

DO get adjustable goggles that suction well.

Whether it’s the Elsa goggles, dinosaur goggles, or some serious Nike goggles – if they don’t suction well they are not going to be productive. When picking out goggles you want to make sure that they fit your child’s face first and can suction around the eye sockets. This suction is what will keep water out of their goggles as they swim. Pay attention to the size of the nose bridge and the shape of the lenses as compared to your child’s nose and eye socket shape. If you find a pair that suctions well, THEN check the strap length to see if it fits. It’s much easier to adjust the straps of goggles that fit well around the eyes, than to have a kiddo struggle with water in their goggles the entire day!

DO NOT buy the scuba goggles that cover the nose . . . For swim lessons at least.

While I understand the reasoning – your kiddo doesn’t like getting water in their nose – it actually prolongs the problem of improper breathing technique while swimming. I personally do not allow kids to use these goggles during lessons. Exhaling underwater is a crucial step towards swimming and water safety. While yes, nose bubbles or bubbles in general may take time to master, skipping this step causes more obstacles in the long run. Imagine if your child has never learned proper bubbles, and falls into the water without their goggles? I recommend buying goggles that do not cover the nose, and practicing bubbles at bath time or at the pool before lessons. This will benefit your child’s swim safety and abilities in the long run.

DO get goggles your child is excited about.

When a student is excited about their goggles they are more likely to wear them. The “I don’t want to wear my goggles” may become less of an issue at the pool. Some of the best lessons can begin with a child showing off their new pair of goggles. When the student can see underwater it makes learning easier. Wearing goggles encourages students to swim with their faces in the water and promotes confidence. If we can get them excited about their goggles and therefore more confident swimming underwater and blowing bubbles, they will have much more fun during the lessons.

So remember: Look for goggles that fit well around the eyes and that your kiddo is excited about. Scuba goggles are fun, but they can prolong some bad habits while learning how to swim. After getting your goggles, be sure to read “Top 3 Reasons Your Child Won’t Wear Goggles” for some time-saving tips while at the pool!

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