Goggles can be a challenge for both parents and children. Even if you found a good pair of goggles, there are several things that may get in the way of a smooth pool day. Here are three common issues that may come up and some simple solutions to make your summer swimming more fun!

“I don’t want to wear goggles.”

You bought all your summer supplies, spent time picking out goggles, gather everything up and head to the pool. At the pool, your child doesn’t want to wear the goggles they picked out earlier that week. Depending on where your child is in their swim ability, this can cause some roadblocks in their pool experience. Several children who don’t want to wear goggles are often also hesitant to put their faces in the water. Goggles can increase confidence and encourage swimming with the face in the water. One way I encourage kiddos to use their goggles during lessons is by having them look underwater and guess how many fingers I am holding up, or make a silly face, or guess the color of the pebble on the stair. Making a game out of it can help even younger kids enjoy being able to see under water. If your child is already a proficient swimmer but in the habit of swimming with their eyes closed because they don’t like goggles, games are still a great solution. One idea is to throw out some rings that sink to the bottom and have them swim around the pool to find them. Regardless of your methods, I’ve found that the best way to win this goggles battle is to give kiddos a fun reason to want to wear them.

“My goggles are all foggy.”

From beginner swim lessons to professional swim teams there is one outstanding truth – goggles are going to fog. You or your child may have the instinct to use a cloth or your hand and wipe off the fog. This is both time consuming and ineffective – not to mention the battle of putting the goggles back on afterwards! While there are several anti-fog methods (even goggles with anti-fog protection) – for a splashing pool and growing kids I’ve found the quickest method for clearing goggles is simply rinsing them in the pool. Dip the foggy goggles into the pool, empty the excess water and you have clear goggles again. It’s that simple! The goggles do not even need to come off. This is a trick you can teach your child young that will save you both time and energy in the long run.

“I can’t put on my goggles”

One thing kids love to do with their googles? Take them off. Then want them back on. Then take them off. Then want them back on. Etc. Etc. Sometimes even with a parent’s assistance it can be a hassle to get goggles on a child who either doesn’t want them on or doesn’t want help. Here are two methods to simplify your goggle battles this summer!

  1. Teach your child how to put on their own goggles. Not all kiddos will be old enough to do this, but once they are both you and your kiddo will be saving some time! Here’s a simple step by step of how to teach your kiddo to put on goggles:
    • Have them hold the strap(s) of the goggles in one hand, and the goggles in the other.
    •  Put the strap on the back of the head and rest the goggles on the forehead.
    • Adjust the goggles over the eyes and suction.
  2. The (simplified) way to put goggles on a child. This is a similar method to the child putting on their own goggles, but the steps are performed out of order. This is the method I have found saves the most time and allows us to get the goggles on quickly so we can refocus on lessons:
    • Have the child hold the goggles on their forehead with both hands.
    • Stretch the strap over to the back of the head.
    • Adjust the goggles over the eyes and suction.

Goggles are an awesome tool that can make pool days and swim lessons more fun! Make sure to check out “3 Tips to Find the Right Goggles this Summer” for more goggle information!

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