Welcome back to our Core Values Series! We are breaking down our core values to give you a better idea of the purpose behind Whatley Swim, or why we do what we do. We strive to incorporate these values into our biggest decisions down to our smallest ones.

One thing we really value is growth. This means that we keep a growth mindset, which means that we believe that our talents can always be developed. In practice, this looks Haley improving in her skills as a mentor so that she can walk alongside our instructors, pushing them just the right amount. This looks like our instructors constantly growing in their skills, both as swimmers and interpersonally, so that they can walk alongside each of their students, pushing them to keep learning and improving their swimming skills. In short, we want our leaders and instructors to always try to be brave because ultimately, that is what we want to teach our students.

Finally, the kind of growth we believe in is holistic growth. We want our students to grow physically by building stamina, learning to take breaths, and learn different strokes and skills like floating. We also want our students to grow emotionally by learning a new skill apart from their parents and learning to trust the instructor and/or themselves.

Inclusion” is a word every company seems to be using these days. So what do we mean when we say that Whatley Swim is inclusive? Haley chose this as one of our core values because she likes to have a lot of friends and knows a lot of people. We know that being left out is the worst feeling, so we strive to make everyone feel included, and we want everyone to be able to swim no matter what their challenges or strengths are. We teach kids with learning differences, different motor capabilities, students we have might a language barrier with, adults and kids who are afraid of the water, and kids with sensory issues.

Finally comes competition. We strive to emulate things we see that other companies do well, and improve on things that they might not be doing well. To put it bluntly, we want to be better than other companies who offer similar services as us, not in an arrogant way, but in a way that pushes us to excellence in all that we do.

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