Welcome back to our Core Values Series! We’re breaking down our core values to give you a better idea of the purpose behind Whatley Swim, or why we do what we do. We strive to incorporate these values into our biggest decisions down to our smallest ones.

The core value we’re talking about today is systemization. We teach from a system, and one of our goals in instructor training is getting the instructors to understand the system and how to apply it. Our instructors write lesson plans before every class; there is no showing up and teaching “what they felt like” that day. Within our system of teaching beginners, we use a sequence of blowing face bubbles, then learning how to float, then kicking. However, we are committed to finding a path within that system that works for each child. For example, Haley taught one kid how to swim on his back before teaching him how to swim freestyle, because that was how he felt most comfortable and she wanted to capitalize on that. The next summer he was ready to learn freestyle because of his positive experience in lessons from the summer before.

An auxiliary value to systemization is consonance. Consonance is simply accord or agreement between opinions and/or actions. We want everything about our curriculum and lessons to be aligned and purposeful, the very opposite of random. When we train our instructors, we are not just teaching them how to teach swimming. They are learning valuable life skills that will give them confidence and leadership skills at school or wherever else they might be. Similarly, when we teach our kids, we do so in a way to empower them not only with swimming skills, but with bravery and success that can’t help but spill over into other areas of their lives!

We hope you enjoyed our explanation of systemization. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to comment on the post or shoot us an email! We can’t wait to see you in summer 2022!

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