We help our students learn to swim faster because we approach each student individually.  Our instructors all have different strengths and when I train them, I set them up for success by feeding them the training concepts they need through demonstrations or instructions that they can absorb, understand and apply.  Some learn by hearing, some by observing, doing, writing etc.  Some are interested in the details, some get bored easily, some want to try right away, and some want to watch me do it several times first. I’m constantly assessing them, picking exercises that are appropriate for their level, and progressing them forward at a fitting pace.

Through this process, they learn to pass this style of teaching down to their students. They break down each skill into exercises that are doable physically and mentally for the student. Fostering these little wins in succession builds momentum, making students more likely to be brave and take a risk later.  They begin to trust themselves and others and this confidence leads them to try harder at each skill.  The end result?  They learn to swim faster.

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